A guide for choosing the right Rockdoor

Rockdoor is a manufactured product in accordance with Secured by Design which products are tested with strict guidelines in order to reduce crime. The wonderful thing about Rockdoor is there are many stunning styles to choose from and deciding which series of rockdoor you want is easy Choosing the right Rockdoor for your hometake a look at the specs of each of the three series below:

Ultimate Series

  • Door energy A rating as standard
  • Security rating 1 as standard (highest security)
  • 50mm thick door sash
  • 3mm high impact door skins
  • Full range of door styles and glass designs
  • Carbon fibre reinforced inner frame
  • Soft coat low-emissivity backing glass
  • Argon filled double glazed unit
  • Warm edge spacer bar
  • Secure multi point locking system
  • 6 pin secured by design cylinder
  • German engineered 3D adjustable hinges
  • Stylish high quality furniture

Ultimate Series is a top of the range rockdoor which tends to be the most popular Rockdoor amongst customers with the most secure security rating within the Rockdoor series. The ultimate comes in a choice of 24 door styles, many of which are exclusive to us. There are several intricate and exquisite glass designs as well as the finest handles and letter plates available.

Elite Series

  • Door energy C rating as standard
  • Security rating 3 as standard
  • 44mm thick door sash
  • 2mm high impact door skins
  • Medium range of door styles and glass designs
  • Aluminium reinforced frame
  • Hard coat backing glass
  • Warm edge spacer bar
  •  Secure multi point locking system
  • Engineered 3D adjustable hinges
  • High quality furniture

The Elite series has style which comes with affordability. The Elite series offers a wide choice of stylish doors and glass designs as well as quality handles and letter plates. The Elite will also play a big part in keeping your home and family safe.