A Rockdoor for your Garage

All of Rockdoor Directs doors are manufactured by Rockdoor, the UK’s strongest and most thermally efficient composite door manufacturer looks at benefits of installing a Rockdoor as an entrance door into your garage. Yes, a Rockdoor for your garage!

Vulnerable Garages

Over the decades, garages have been extremely useful for homeowners wishing to secure everything from their family cars, to tools and garden equipment. However as times move on, so does the usage of traditional garages and the value of the items stored.

For many, garages are now considered the storage area for expensive items such as mountain bikes, road bikes and camping equipment etc. These items alone can run into thousands of pounds, and when combined with cars, motorcycles and power tools, it makes it even more important that your garage is secure.

Unsecure Timber Doors

Garage Rockdoor Direct LiverpoolIt’s often easy enough for burglars to gain access through old uPVC doors or timber doors that simply aren’t secure enough, so imagine how burglars perceive entrance doors to garages.

Commonly, garage entrance doors aren’t considered important and so are often made of cheap timber (often rotted timber) with unsecure latches and handles. This presents burglars with an easy nights work, as it takes no time at all to gain access through this type of door to thieves that know what they’re doing.

By installing a Rockdoor Direct composite door you are ensuring the content of your garage is safe, as our doors are the strongest composite doors available. A Rockdoor Direct composite door combined with a secure up and over garage door will give you peace of mind your possessions are safe.

If you decide to choose a Rockdoor for your garage door entrance, popular choices include the Colonialor Regency.

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