Triple Glazing for total energy efficiency

With recent changes to building regulations and the increasing demand for energy efficient glazing combined with the use of large areas of glazing in domestic buildings, Sureseal Thermal Triple Range is a popular choice.

Triple Glazing – Sureseal Thermal Triple Range is suitable for a wide range of domestic applications where energy efficiency is essential.

  • Considerable reductions in energy bills
  • Eliminates cold areas around windows
  • Environmentally friendly solution, given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption
  • Ensures compliance with Building Regulations
  • Neutral Appearance – the coating is remarkably neutral in both transmission and reflection
  • Exceptional Clarity – Camden Thermal Triple Range offers a high level of light transmittance, maximising the entry of natural daylight into the building.

Triple Glazing

In Scandinavia, triple glazing is now pretty much standard, with modern triple glazing taking the u value of the windows down to around 0.8. This is a considerable improvement on even modern double glazing. Lots of new homes are now being built with triple glazing and it is generally acknowledged as being better, but compared to top double glazing, the payback period is very similar. As we have mentioned elsewhere, on a purely efficiency basis, double-glazing does not pay for itself and triple glazing is no exception. Changing from Single glazing to triple glazing, in terms of energy efficiency payback, is very similar to double-glazing payback.

Why? Well the cost of triple glazing is a fair bit higher than double, whilst the improved u value is not very large. If you are getting your windows done anyway, or you are building a new home, triple glazing is not a bad idea, but if you already have double glazing, triple glazing might not be right for you.

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