Door colour range

Door colour range – Mix and Match

Rosewood, Mahogany & Light Oak Rockdoors are available in matching outer frames (as shown) or white. All colours shown are available both inside and out.

Choice of colours, inside and out…

Rock Door colour range are available in 10 different colours. Rosewood, Mahogany and Light Oak are also available in matching outer frames or white. As all Rock Doors are ‘made to order’ all colours are available inside and out.

Heat Shield Technology

Doors are prone to high levels of heat absorption. Allowing such high levels of heat, often up to 100°C to be absorbed into the door itself can cause problems.

Rock Doors latest Heat Shield technology, which comes as standard on all our wood grain doors, reflects all of the NIR rays of the sun helping to keep the surface temperature to a minimum – ensuring your door will perform perfectly no matter what the weather.

Anthracite_Grey Rockdoor design
Anthracite Grey

Emerald_Green Rockdoor design
Emerald Green

Light_Oak Rockdoor design
Light Oak

Mahogany Rockdoor design

Onyx_Black Rockdoor design
Onyx Black

Rosewood Rockdoor Design

Ruby Red Rockdoor design
Ruby Red

Sapphire Blue Rockdoor design
Sapphire Blue

White Rockdoor Design

Composite Doors combine attractive design with industry-leading security and outstanding thermal efficiency, ensuring that every Rock Door is a stylish addition to your home.  We offer a full Door colour range to suit your particular style. As well as front doors and back doors, you can also choose from a range of stylish Stable Doors and French Doors, so you can get the Rock Door you need for your home.

When you have a Rockdoor fitted, you’ll get the reassurance and peace of mind, you need to feel safe in your own home.