Front Doors

Front Doors – Delivered anywhere within the UK Direct to your Door

Rock doors are considered by many in the industry to be the most secure upvc entrance door available. Rest assured, if you buy a Rockdoor you are buying style and peace of mind in abundance!With several styles of doors, a multitude of different colours and colour co-ordinated furniture your door will be in envy of your neighbours.Rockdoors obviously look great on the surface, but we aren’t just concerned with the aesthetics of our product, it needs to perform too. Years of research and development have gone into making a door we are proud to put our name to!

Rock door Composite Front Doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours and are designed to enhance the appearance of your home, as well as provide unrivalled security and thermal efficiency for your home. Independent tests have shown that our front doors far outperform the nearest GRP composite doors, and that’s why you can be confident that a Rockdoor door is the most secure front door for your home.

Made to Measure Front Doors

Each Rock Door Direct Composite Front Door is individually made to measure so that it fits your home exactly. Some other manufacturers take a standard size GRP door and cut it to the right size. A composite door that has been modified to fit will be inherently weaker than a door that has been designed and manufactured to be the right size, so security could be compromised. A Rock Door front door also has an Inner Strength which provides you with additional reassurance.

For your peace of mind, all Rockdoor Front Doors have a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

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Each Rock Door Direct Composite Front Door is individually made to measure so that it fits your home exactly.