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Security, aesthetics and environmental credentials are no longer optional, they are mandatory. Rock Door Direct recognises that Rockdoors have led the way to provide a robust door that out performs all other doors in its class.

Rockdoors are available in 10 colours, and are made to order, so all colours are available both inside and out to suit your taste.

Visit Rock Door Direct to see for yourself what makes Rock Doors so special. Have a browse through our Gallery Page below to see the different door ranges we have in stock.

What makes a Rockdoor composite door better?

All composite doors are made with a uPVC outerframe, but where your new Rockdoor differs is that we also use uPVC for the door skin too.  This means that it won’t warp when the weather’s hot, or swell when it’s wet as it contains no timber.  It also explains why every Rockdoor is so secure and energy efficient.

Remember, no other composite doors match a Rockdoor.
No matter what sort of house you live in, or what sort of glass design and door colour you want, there’s a Rockdoor composite door for you.  When you choose a Rockdoor, you will be reassured that it will be low maintenance, and will last in excess of 30 years, making it a vast improvement on your current door.